Fundamentally Changing
How Work Is Done,
and How Data Stays Private

Defend Identities
and Assets

Our world is set up to exploit digital life: from advertisers and data brokers, to bots and hostile nations. Living in private has never been more difficult. VPNs, private browsers, anonymous search. These tools only address symptoms of a much greater cyber problem. Meanwhile, gaps continue to be exposed. Vulnerabilities continue to intensify. There is an increasing divide between today’s virtual and physical worlds, leaving organizations one step behind. Now more than ever, people need access to the data and tools to do their jobs effectively — anytime, anywhere. The solution is Replica.

Replica creates authentic virtual environments that exhibit all the characteristics of an actual user in order to evade adversaries and protect identities and assets while enabling teams to maximize productivity. Replica fully enables digital privacy, reduces risk and fundamentally changes how work gets done online.

Take Control of
Privacy and Performance

Fusing patented technology, field-tested tradecraft and using Zero Trust architecture, Replica is what VPN’s, browser isolation, or Desktops-as-a-Service could not do alone. It creates another version – a replica – that gives trackers and adversaries the data they want, but it’s just information vapor.

Combined with customers’ critical data and apps, Replica lets threat hunters investigate the darkest corners of the web. Executives can browse safely from home or travel. Enterprises can protect their staff and isolate their vulnerable systems against malware, phishing and more. Replica protects Data Owners and empowers Data Users. It’s privacy and performance, on-demand and at scale.

How Teams Benefit


  • Built by the leading experts from the US Intelligence Community and the tech industry
  • Patented protections: prevent data compromise, reduce human error
  • Our comprehensive architecture: isolation, hosting, orchestration, operations, audit and transparency, automation


  • Global access to data, tools and workflows
  • New environments in seconds backed by our extensive pre-configured image library
  • No installations or hardware required
  • Free up your IT org, reduced maintenance time and expense
  • Provides or integrates with enterprise services (SSO, proxies, dashboards, tools)

- Telecommunications customer

“In the past year, we were able to complete three data collections. In one week with Replica, we were able to complete 30. This is game changing.”

- DoD customer

“I appreciate that Replica is flexible — there are different ways to deploy it, it is scalable, it is deployable, it is responsive, mobile, and it serves multiple markets.”

- Intelligence customer

“Replica gave us access to the data we needed around the world. The secure environments were always available and super flexible.”

Use Cases


Isolated Collaboration

Secure Enclaves

Managed Attribution



Obfuscated Commercial Data Access

Enterprise Privacy

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