Replica Edge

Remote Access and Privacy
– Anywhere

The perimeter is gone. Today, more organizations are operating in a “work-from-anywhere” model. The remote and hybrid workplace is the new normal, and with it comes fundamentally different access and security challenges for modern enterprises. Rather than securing a single network, organizations face the challenge of securing employees when, where and how they are. Also, the increasingly distributed nature of work demands access to physical devices and resources from anywhere, even when they are a continent away.

Work Securely. Any Device. Any Location.

Replica Edge enables enterprises to remotely connect and access the same privacy and security protections available in Replica, from anywhere. Providing comprehensive protection and secure connectivity at the edge, Replica Edge users can work privately from home, on site, or from the most austere locations.

Global Access With Total Confidence

Protection & Privacy
at the Edge

From the coffee shop, to the oil field, to the embedded operator behind enemy lines, “the edge” can take many forms. Replica Edge gives you the ability to bridge between the physical and virtual worlds, allowing secure connectivity from any device, even in the most austere and challenging conditions.

Secure Access
or Physical Devices

The bridge between the virtual and physical digital world. Provide rich virtualized access to physical resources from anywhere. Mobile devices, accessible from your secure office. Non-standard laptops, safely accessed for review and use. Cameras, sensors, servers, and more.

High Value Protection
& Collaboration

Leaders and executives face busy schedules, travel, and an “always-on” mentality. This often means there is a need to relay critical business data, financial information, or valuable intellectual property from traditionally unsecure locations. To date, executives have had to take the risk to keep business continuity. Now, Replica Edge offers a solution to secure executive communications, regardless of location.

Using Replica, executives can create authentic, secure virtual environments with just a click – no complicated technical knowledge required. The compact Edge device is portable and simple to connect, effectively masking the executive’s identity and systems to enable efficient, private browsing and data transfer.

Flexibility for
Modern Work

Discover the benefits of Replica Edge and empower your team with access, security, and privacy from anywhere. Contact our team to explore a demo in real-time.