Law Enforcement

Securing Digital
& Forensics

The dark web has become an essential resource in law enforcement investigations. Now the primary hub of criminal commerce, the dark web is a fully functional marketplace that shrouds a torrent of illicit activity and exploitive behavior. Seasoned investigators are no longer enough – extreme technical expertise is now required to really be effective.

Law enforcement agencies seeking to defend and protect the innocent are spending increased amounts of time and resources uncovering and discovering the criminal acts and illicit transactions taking place in these domains and markets. But engaging with the dark web poses its own challenges for law enforcement. Investigators need to be able to see, understand and work in potentially dangerous places, without compromising their own devices or network security, without compromising the speed of the mission or risking the privacy of the individual. And TOR browsers or anonymous browsers are not enough to meet the needs – investigators need a full spectrum of environment features (routers, egress, automation) to meet the demand of interacting and maintaining a presence with bad actors.

Visibility and Protection
on the Dark Web
with Replica

Intelligence-Grade Digital Security & Privacy

The Replica platform was built with embedded tradecraft and draws upon more than 20 years of experience in the intelligence community.

How it works

  • Replica enables secure remote collaboration for the most sensitive communications and overcomes the limitations of browser isolation and remote access solutions
  • Replica creates a realistic profile consisting of virtual hardware, operating system, applications, network and activity data that protects users to work with privacy and freedom
  • Replica creates secure, scalable virtual environments that integrate with existing enterprise services like single-sign-on, proxies, data analysis and dashboarding tools – increasing the value and ROI of existing investments
  • Replica is embedded with best-practices and built-in tradecraft that automate protections and reduce risk of human error for every user, regardless of technical skill

Workspace Features

Zero Trust

AI Protections

and Visibility

Work Freely
and Securely

Improves information
-sharing among agencies

Enables Secure Training
from Anywhere

Supports New
Forensic Standards

Enables Research on Crime

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