Consulting & Auditing

Ensure Compliance & Secure Digital Business Environments

Consultants and auditors must access and work with the most sensitive information and data sets in the enterprise. Replica enables auditing and consulting teams to investigate, test and manipulate business environments to determine risk and check compliance, while ensuring total security and appropriate, controlled access to financial records and organizational assets.

Digital Security & Privacy for the Enterprise

Fusing patented technology and Zero Trust architecture, Replica enables digital privacy and offers true zero trust data sharing and an authentic virtual environment. Consulting and auditing professionals can benefit from Replica’s intelligence-grade ability to mimic actual user attributes while keeping identities and data cloaked, enabling secure fraud and cyber investigations with total freedom and zero compromise.

Secure Environments On-Demand
  • Ensure Zero Trust
  • Patented AI Protections
Auditing & Fraud Investigations
  • Transparency and Visibility
Zero Trust Data Sharing & AI Built-in
  • Work Freely and Securely

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