Replica Platform

Comprehensive Solution to Automation and Digital Privacy

The result of more than 20 years of experience, Replica was created by intelligence community professionals who recognized the need for a fundamentally new approach to securing how mission-critical work gets done.

The Replica platform offers enterprises revolutionary secure environment automation that is generations beyond what SASE, Desktops-as-a-Service or cloud automation can deliver on their own. From high-performance computing, advanced desktops, to physical mobile, to high-velocity transaction engines – Replica is the solution to achieve Zero Trust, Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud, and Orchestration simply, quickly and protected by world leading patented privacy and security.

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Access, Collaboration, and Productivity from Anywhere

Fusing patented data protections and built-in cyber counterintelligence tradecraft, Replica offers enterprises the ability for every user to work with total privacy and security from any location or setup. By creating realistic user profiles consisting of virtual hardware, operating system, applications, network and activity data, Replica makes access, collaboration and productivity available on-demand, while ensuring identities and assets remain protected at all times. What’s more, Replica extends right to the edge, enabling enterprises and individuals to gain secure 2-way access from anywhere.

Open Transparency, Total Visibility

More than 178 trillion configurations, a library of virtual environment images and powerful capabilities like packet capture, sandboxing, data export and selectable egress make up Replica’s scalable virtual environments. With easy integration to existing enterprise services like single-sign-on, proxies, data analysis and dashboarding tools, Replica delivers unparalleled protection and productivity at every level and to every user. Through an intuitive interface or via open API,Replica enables rapid deployments, continuous patching and updates, cloud management, sandboxing and more. All completely configurable and ready to use in seconds.

Automated Compliance With Patented AI Protections

Replica’s model-driven AI truly addresses the autonomy and scalability needs for enterprise class data privacy without inhibiting the user. Extensive profile and signature management capabilities segment, isolate, control and protect customer, project or mission specific work so people can get work done and collaborate wherever, whenever and however they need to.

Most importantly, the Replica Platform provides the comprehensive data sets needed to create rich audit and reporting functions and satisfy regulatory compliance and risk analytics. Hosted within the platform or piped to your dashboards, Replica customers own and control their data and insights to use and leverage anywhere they want. With Replica, administrators can monitor and audit down to the user level and enterprises can gain Zero Trust compliance at the click of a button.

Zero Trust Protection At A Click

Built on Zero Trust isolation architecture, Replica ensures system components are separated and protected from each other so your people and assets are always safe. If one piece of the platform is compromised, all others remain protected. Replica users are also granted least privilege at the platform level, while providing complete control over their assigned environments. This gives organizations maximum protection while giving users maximum usability.

Automatic Hybrid Cloud, Private, and Secured

Replica automates the creation and management of secure VE’s across all cloud environments providers, so your team and resources can focus on other priorities. Even more, Replica has privacy and security best-practices and counter-intelligence tradecraft embedded right into the platform, which takes the burden off end-users and reduces the risk of human error by automating protections.

Compliance, and Insights Made Easy

Replica’s DoD-approved system is compliance-ready and provides data sets that support CMMC, FAPI, Secure DevOps, NIST Privacy Framework and other regulatory initiatives. Hosted within Replica or piped to your dashboards, customers own and control their data and insights.

Importantly, Replica generates a comprehensive data set that is needed to create rich audit and reporting functions and satisfy regulatory compliance and risk analytics, making it ideal for organizations with stringent security audit and reporting.

With comprehensive audit and reporting capabilities that give managers full observability into everything their employees are doing (video, audio, logging, etc.), Replica enables remote mentoring and helps defend against insider threats. Administrators can access real-time data available down to the user activity level and open API to enable vast integrations with Replica.

Powerful Features.
Powerful Performance.


Kubernetes orchestration enables you to automate manual processes and keep interactions between containers secure

SaaS or
Managed Service

SaaS model means Replica can be deployed to cloud, on-prem, hybrid or portable edge devices


Application hosting makes it easier for teams to realize value without added hassle or cost


Replica overcomes the limitations of browser isolation and remote access solutions, enabling secure remote collaboration for the most sensitive business and communications


Replica features integrations for a variety of use cases, including: IdAM, Encryption, Storage, Cross-domain, Audio and video, Reporting and alerting and more


From session recordings, network logging, user activity history and system monitoring, Replica provides a rich data set for audit and compliance. Leveraging Elastic and other tools, use in platform or send to your existing dashboards

-Replica customer

“Replica has taken care of the hard part by giving us an automated, commercially supported platform with Kubernetes, and simplifying these virtual environments for our on-prem infrastructure”

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Financial Services


Law Enforcement


DoD & Intelligence


Federal and SLED


Consulting & Auditing


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