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Managed Attribution

Global Leader in Patented Managed Attribution & Scalable Signature Management

Replica’s platform provides comprehensive digital footprint management – eliminating the exposure risk of legacy tools and increasing the productivity of customers. Replica has saved customers millions of dollars annually by taking a commercial product approach to managed attribution and signature management – providing rapid updates and improvements via a commercial pipeline at no cost to customers.

Managed Attribution Alone is Not Enough

Open source intelligence (OSINT) and publicly available information (PAI) operations work with data that’s available and obtainable from publicly accessible resources. Websites, news organizations, blogs, social media, and other countless sources provide endless data but present complex challenges for the DoD and law enforcement.

Managed attribution solutions traditionally used to collect OSINT and PAI have significant security gaps that expose individuals and organizations to adversary risk. Performing OSINT with just a VPN-secured browser, anonymization tools, obfuscated networks, and standalone machines is a common practice but is not scalable. The lack of an holistic approach has also compromised mission and put individuals and their organizations in danger.

Manage Attribution While Minimizing
Risk of Detection

Replica enables users to navigate and digital asset while managing attribution, minimizing risk of platform detection, and leverage patented, intelligence-grade digital identity tradecraft designed to meet mission requirements.

Scalable Profile Management and Observability for Leadership

Manage all work via profiles – manage identity, investigations, biographical info and history, telephony access, geographic affilation and more. Supports knowledge transfer and enabling more seamless transition to new users. Support Audit and Monitoring (from mentoring to insider threat reduction) of activity through session and user level logging, recordings and raw data available for dashboarding or export.

Secure Online Research

Total control over Points of Presence (PoPs), fully secure virtual desktops, mobile, and physical devices. Realistic environments create authentic signatures and enable productivity through integrated tools, data access and workflows.

Streamline Evidence Collection & Visualization

Secure file transfer for passive and active data collection and ensure digital chain of custody with rich audit

Safeguard Against Identity Exposure

Advanced oversight of user activity (including auditing and logging) and authentic digital interactions from passive data collection to active, live collaboration

Protect Against Adversarial Counterattacks

Ensure threat actors do not have any foothold into information or data to use against you

More Organized Data Collection

Enable transient or secured persistent operations with your preferred tools, application and configured data access and workflow.

Replicate Success on Your Mission

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