Financial Services

Fraud & Cyber

Representing the most targeted and exploited sector by threat actors, proactively managing cyber risk has become the top priority for finance and fintech firms. Since 2020, cyber breaches within financial services companies have increased over 2.4x, negatively affecting the customer experience, reducing investor confidence and impacting regulatory compliance status.

The latest Verizon DBIR report reveals that 96% of the breaches were financially motivated and nearly half of these breaches were intentional or accidental worker actions. Defenders of financial service enterprises need the visibility and freedom to proactively protect their organization and enable secure work and data sharing in this new threat environment.

- Telecommunications customer

“In the past year, we were able to complete three data collections. In one week with Replica, we were able to complete 30. This is game changing.”

- DoD customer

“I appreciate that Replica is flexible — there are different ways to deploy it, it is scalable, it is deployable, it is responsive, mobile, and it serves multiple markets.”

- Intelligence customer

“Replica gave us access to the data we needed around the world. The secure environments were always available and super flexible.”

Enterprise-grade Digital
Security & Privacy With Replica

Built from more than 20 years of experience in embedded tradecraft, the Replica platform was created by intelligence community professionals to enable flexible digital privacy and true zero trust data sharing in an authentic virtual environment. What’s more, security professionals can benefit from Replica’s intelligence-grade ability to mimic actual user attributes while keeping identities and data cloaked, enabling secure fraud and cyber investigations with total freedom and zero compromise.

Zero Trust Data Sharing & AI
  • Ensures Zero Trust
  • Patented AI Protections
Secure Fraud & Cyber Investigations
  • Transparency and Visibility
  • Work Freely and Securely

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