Digital Privacy for DoD & Intelligence

& Operational

For intelligence professionals, staying protected has meant working slow and being limited. To date, truly secure sharing of highly sensitive information has been constrained to specific locations (such as SCIFs), with little-to-no collaborative and operational freedom. Until now.

Maintain competitive advantage
over increasingly sophisticated
rivals and adversaries

Intelligence-Grade Digital Security & Privacy With Replica

Created by intelligence community professionals who recognized the need for a new way of thinking, the Replica platform offers a fundamentally new way to work with comprehensive privacy, protection, and transparent control.

How it works

  • Replica overcomes the limitations of browser isolation and remote access solutions, enabling secure remote collaboration for the most sensitive communications
  • Replica creates a realistic profile consisting of virtual hardware, operating system, applications, network and activity data that protects users to work with privacy and freedom
  • Replica creates scalable virtual environments that integrate with existing enterprise services like single-sign-on, proxies, data analysis and dashboarding tools
  • Replica is built in and embedded with best practices and tradecraft that automate protections and reduce risk of human error for every user

Workspace Features

Built for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Investigate with ease and gather full context without compromising the mission.

Built for Counter-Intelligence

Work with total freedom and privacy, no matter where the mission takes you.

Built for Cyber Operations

Gather evidence, track targets and support operations without limitation.

Built for Information Operations

Influence, disrupt and protect collaboratively with full compliance.

- Telecommunications customer

“In the past year, we were able to complete three data collections. In one week with Replica, we were able to complete 30. This is game changing.”

- DoD customer

“I appreciate that Replica is flexible — there are different ways to deploy it, it is scalable, it is deployable, it is responsive, mobile, and it serves multiple markets.”

- Intelligence customer

“Replica gave us access to the data we needed around the world. The secure environments were always available and super flexible.”

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