Replica Workspace

Authentic Virtual Environments in Seconds

Replica workspaces are ideal for organizations that need the flexibility to work quickly and seamlessly without sacrificing privacy. From STIG’s to “Gold Images”, create and manage hundreds of VE’s instantly with total control of settings and tools you can easily customize for your organization. Groups can use Replica workspaces to set predefined policies and comprehensive virtual environments so that regardless of a user’s hardware, operating system or location, users can stand up real, versatile environments they can use to access, browse, hunt, investigate or explore as needed – then easily delete with a click.

How it Works

Replica was engineered to maximize flexibility and speed without compromising protection.The Replica Library offers industry-specific configurations that reduce deployment time to seconds or minutes, not days or weeks. Access resources across all aspects of an environment, including hardware, OS, applications, networking/routing, telephony, data transport, storage, and more. Overcome the limits of legacy computing with Replica’s SaaS delivery to provide increased data access for your specialized workforce, tools and workflows. With Replica, you can spend more time advancing your objectives and less time worrying about cloud, privacy and security.

Create a Virtual Environment

There are over 178 trillion possible configurations in Replica today, and growing. We work with your organization to help you quickly create the appropriate Base Image or select an existing Base Image from our continuously-expanding Replica library. Deploy rapidly, benefit immediately.

Manage Your Environments

Easily monitor and manage your virtual environments, update your profile information, and create new virtual workspaces from the Replica WebKit.

Create a Profile for More Organization

Create profiles to organize users’ work, populating a single wall to consolidate activity in one place. Enable automatic recording of your Replica activity, and the ability to capture notes and have a heads up display in your Virtual Environment. Setting up a profile consists of fields including Egress Location, Telephony and Biographics.

Workspace Features


Preserve the state and data of your virtual environment at any point in time

Base Image

Our growing library of configurable assets save you time while addressing an unlimited amount of use cases


Provides a selection of global internet access, also selectable via map, and chainable via Network Hops


Supports real-time, seamless communication with phone, SMS and other mobile based channels


Organize your work, segment your customers, prevent data leakage, provide a single wall for review.


Test your programs in a controlled environment without disrupting your workflows or jeopardizing your network


Advanced PCAP capabilities provide greater insight into environmental behaviors and enable rich cyber-focused work


Enables you to sync files with an external service (e.g. S3) for managed import/export

Common Scenarios for the Enterprise

Remote Environment Automation

SEaaS for Training

SEaaS for Data Science

SEaaS for Collection

Isolated Collaboration

Privileged Access Management

Obfuscated Commercial
Data Access

Secure Enclaves

Managed Attribution
& Signature Management


Configurable AP

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Benefits for
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