Secure virtual environments For
public and private enterprises

See how Replica can be applied in your organization.

Industries & Sectors

Investigate, test and manipulate business environments with total security and controlled access to organizational assets.

Increase investor confidence and defend your enterprise data from security breaches.

Go wherever your mission takes you while protecting your identity, network and data within a secure virtual environment.

Advance your mission from anywhere, stay protected and increase your collaborative and operational freedom.

Eliminate the risk of human error and data compromise with a multi-layer defense system that was born and built for federal needs.

Common Use Cases

Enable people, systems and applications to do their jobs with complete flexibility and security.

Establish comprehensive virtual environments where investigators can examine and share digital evidence with privacy.

Use Replica to set necessary digital parameters and predefined policies that protect information integrity of your data.

Give researchers a centralized, secure platform to work with sensitive research data from any location or device.

Train distributed and localized teams on how to navigate adversary-ridden domains safely.

Enable secure multi-party collaboration and privacy and ensure your enterprise infrastructure remains safe from attacks and malicious actors.

Balance the need to isolate networks with the simultaneous need for rapid communication between those networks.

Protect your data from unauthorized access by competitors and other adversaries.

Digital footprint management and evidence collection solutions for performing safe and clear dark web research.

Automate manual processes with seamless Kubernetes orchestration.

Connect any tool or system you use to Replica so you can stand up environments that work in the way that you work.

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