Use Cases

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Sandboxing

Cloud Experimentation with Unmatched Control

Replica Environments offer a carefully managed gateway to native cloud services, granting each user a fully isolated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) experience. Forget about the hassles of account management, cleanup, or excessive resource usage. Embrace limitless experimentation and development while gaining better oversight and control. Say goodbye to budget-devouring zombies and optimize your financial resources effectively.

Multi-cloud? Of course.

With Replica, users gain the freedom to develop on any cloud provider without being confined to a single vendor. Our platform ensures secure and tightly regulated access to any Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider, empowering you to work seamlessly across diverse cloud environments, fully utilize credits, and reduce worry.

  • Credentials only valid through Replica
  • Inject data, prevent exfil
  • Immediate standup, automated tear down
  • View spend in real time

Replicate Success on Your Mission

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