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Effortlessly enable Secure Data Sharing with Patented Control

Replica is a simple yet robust solution that enables secure multi-party collaboration and privacy, while also hardening your enterprise infrastructure against attack. Designed for multi-national military collaboration, where complex treaties and laws dictate data access and permissions, Replica simplified the creation and management of secure enclaves to be accessible for all our customers.

Standup secure enclaves on-demand

Intellectual property, corporate secrets and AI/ML assets within an organization are some of the most valuable elements of the enterprise. Despite their tremendous value, these assets are difficult to protect – especially when in use.

These intellectual property risks pose a serious challenge for enterprises, and have created the growing sense of urgency behind finding better controls to protect the raw data, training algorithms, run-time inference engines and results that can be generated from both competitors and from malicious actors.

Intelligence-grade, enterprise-ready secure enclaves.

Replica’s secure enclaves create a private sharing environment, protected by NSA-grade encryption and intelligence-class isolation techniques. When combined with Attribute- or Role-based Access Controls (ABAC or RBAC), permissions and access controls travel with documents and data, freeing the users from having to worry about what happens to data when shared.

Data in an Replica enclave cannot be read or modified by any entity outside the enclave, even if the host is physically compromised. For the enterprise, enclaves enable owners to tightly control how, when, and where data and software is created, used, and retired or access is rescinded and other parties are removed from the enclave.

Realize opportunity without
the risk with Replica

  • Eliminate exposure while data is in use
  • Use multiple data sets from multiple parties and eliminate risk of exposure or unauthorized sharing
  • Enable greater access to data for analysis while enabling data privacy
  • Protect against software exposure and theft, and controls licensing and distribution
  • Data generated within enclaves is secured and tightly controlled by default. Policy controls must explicitly be implemented to allow download or export, if ever required.

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