Use Cases

Commercial Data Access and Acquisition

Create a Single Location for Commercially or Publicly Available Data

Replica enables organizations to ensure that people have access to the data they need, whenever and wherever they’re working. Replica partners with our customers to provide access to existing customer data sets (whether commercial or internal), provide protected access to internet accessible data, collect new data feeds, easily set up by the customer or with assistance from Replica. Replica saves our customers time and money by replacing brittle or otherwise limited data sources.

Data Acquisition for the Enterprise

Replica can be the named data-provider for all commercial or publicly available information (PAI), isolating customers from exposure to the data providers. This has multiple avenues for acquisition from obfuscated portal based access, API level access, data replication or automated managed data ingestion.

Purchasing or acquisition leverages our deep history in counter-intelligence, providing supply chain protection and eliminating PII exposure, when needed.

A Revolutionary Way to Get Work Done & Stay Private

More Protected
  • Patents
  • Tradecraft
  • Isolation & Zero Trust
More Productive
  • Data
  • Tools
  • Workflows

Replicate Success on Your Mission

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