Digital Privacy for Federal Solutions

Securing Work
for Any Mission,

As one of the largest producers of public and highly-sensitive data, the Federal government is one of the most continually attacked entities in the world. The kaleidoscope of threats from nation-states, lone actors and competitive enterprises, combined with the changing technology landscape, has made federal missions harder than ever to achieve without compromise.

Immediate Zero Trust Compliance
Enhanced Data Sharing & Collaboration
For Federal Missions with Replica

Collaborating with federal customers, we created the most comprehensive and extensible enterprise-wide counter exploitation platform ever developed, known as Replica.

Prevent Compromise
of Business Transactions

Shield Corporate
Research From Espionage

Protect Cyber Threat
Intelligence & Forensics

Enable Detailed Audit,
Compliance, & Reporting


Replica’s multi-layer defense system enables total digital privacy from anywhere, while eliminating the risk of human error and data compromise. In any working context, Replica can provide an authentic virtual environment that mimics all attributes of the actual user while still protecting all identities and assets.

Ensures Zero Trust

Patented AI Protections

Transparency and Visibility

Work Freely and Securely

Experience Replica For Yourself

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