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SEaaS for Research

Secure Data Enclaves for Sensitive Research

Replica’s Secure Enclave Environments offer organizations and individuals with a centralized, secure platform for researchers that work with sensitive research data. Enclaves can be easily configured and prebuilt for any mission requirements and with appropriate security policies to ensure that restricted information is protected per local, federal, and international laws.

Conduct Covert Research from Any Location

Total Security and Privacy Protection

Replica protects the integrity of sensitive data by complying with best-in-class storage standards and the latest security frameworks

Intelligence-grade Capabilities and Built-in Tradecraft

Configure, manage and deploy secure enclaves with precision and control so teams can focus on research and analysis and avoid the time, risk and money of manually creating secure environments themselves.

Open to Research & Analytical Tools

Replica is open, tunable and totally flexible so you can work with freedom and easily add the analytics software you prefer for your research.

Enables Secure Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate and securely share information across teams to leverage others’ capabilities and unlock new ways to analyze data.

Removes Data Compliance Obligations from the Researcher

Replica transfers the burden of security obligations of data management and storage from the researcher while ensuring compliance with all legal and contractual standards.

Mitigate Data Security Risks

Replica’s secure environments are pre-built to maintain total privacy and security, reducing the data security risks for researchers and organizations.

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