Use Cases

Isolated Collaboration

Protect your Team from Exposure while Maintaining Collaboration and Productivity

Replica enables protected viewing of any video or audio collaboration session (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meets). This eliminates exposure of the end user or organization data privacy elements (from infrastructure, to OS and application configurations, to geographic locations and PII). Replica provides internal private collaboration (text, audio, and video), so teams can still communicate and address real-time questions.

Protection for Sensitive Meetings

The data broker industry has caused a massive exposure of government, commercial and academic organizations, where the individual employees or members of these groups can be tracked and monitored almost at whim. With the explosion in remote work, individuals private personal information (home address, IP address, technology settings, etc.) are exposed when using public or semi-private collaboration tools, especially when those organizations (like Google) profit from the resale of customer/user information.

  1. Ready On-Demand
  2. Easy to Configure
  3. Intelligence-Grade Protection
  4. Enhanced Productivity

Safeguard Collaboration, Reduce Attack Surface

Replica provides a layered, end-to-end approach to view and collaborate with any platform while reducing or eliminating the exposure of customer data privacy elements.

On Demand. Anywhere

Replica fundamentally changes how work gets done and stays private.

More Protected

  • Patents
  • Tradecraft
  • Isolation & Zero Trust

More Productive

  • Data
  • Tools
  • Workflows

Replicate Success on Your Mission

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